Dovizioso expecting a spanking even at ‘Ducati track’

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Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso is preparing for another spanking at the hands of MotoGP series leader Marc Marquez even though the Red Bull Ring has historically favoured the Desmosedici.

The Italian believes that Marquez’ current form has the rest of the MotoGP pack ‘in crisis’ as he is able to turn the pace on and off when necessary.

“It is a Ducati track. But last year he was finished in front of me, so it won’t be easy to beat him even if it is a very good track for us, because our bike works very well for the layout,” said Dovizioso.

We have to work as well as possible and find certain details to exploit in the race, because until now Marc has always managed to find solutions to beat everyone.”

Marquez has a 63-point lead over Dovizioso in second place and has beaten the little Spaniard at the Red Bull Ring before but the ominous form of Honda’s number one rider is worrying.

“Marc has only had victories and second places. This is the reality. He and Honda are a little stronger and consequently they are putting everyone in crisis, not just us,” said Dovizioso.

“He is able to make the race by putting himself in front and managing the pace, because he can afford it unlike in previous years.

“This has changed the management of the races and the tyres, and this has put everyone in crisis. He increases the speed a little, and when you have more speed you can do whatever you want. He is now adopting this strategy and doing good, because it puts everyone in a crisis.”