Dovizioso ‘would have considered KTM’ had he known the sack was coming

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Former works Ducati MotoGP star Andrea Dovizioso said he would have considered the prospect of moving to KTM differently had he known his time at the Bologna factory was limited.

Dovizioso has been left with no job for this season after he parted ways with Ducati and lays the blame solely at the door of chief engineer Gigi Dall’Igna.

“Gigi stated that in that famous meeting held in mid-2019 between Sachsenring and Austria, he understood that it was over,” said Dovizioso.

“Let’s say that there was no transparent behaviour, unlike Petrucci, who was told before the season that there would be no room. I would have considered the KTM possibility differently.

“There was never a real proposal. It was said that Dovizioso asked for this or Ducati could give this… all lies. We never negotiated, above all an offer never arrived. And, therefore, we have never rejected a low one. It is confirmation that in the 2019 meeting it was over for Gigi.

“To get along with Gigi you can’t go against him. Instead, by supporting certain ideas, we went into conflict. Other manufacturers have held press conferences apologising to the riders [Yamaha in Austria 2018], we never.

“The rider in Ducati has more and more pressure. ‘You can do more, you can do more’, and it’s true. And regardless of whether you are second in the World Championship or the first or third Ducati, this is transmitted.”