‘Ducati’s problem isn’t the carbon frame,’ says Stoner

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Stoner isn't giving away what he thinks is wrong with the GP11.1
Stoner isn't giving away what he thinks is wrong with the GP11.1 Picture: Repsol Media

Repsol Honda’s Casey Stoner raised more than a couple of eyebrows at the Misano MotoGP round when he completely contradicted the entire paddock’s thinking by saying Ducati’s problem isn’t with the carbon fibre frame and then went on to not say what he thinks is holding Valentino Rossi up.

Stoner rode for the team when they switched from the steel trellis frame to the carbon one and said they had already tested an aluminium one but the carbon fibre chassis was ‘a much better bike’. He is also of the opinion that by the end of the 2010 season, it was so well developed he could have won every race.

"For sure they are in a difficult moment. The new rider didn’t expect the bike to be like it is and maybe he will have to change the style a little bit more. They have done everything that has been asked of them, trying a lot of different things and they are still continuing to struggle," said Stoner, speaking to bikesportnews.com.

"I don’t really want to say (what the problem is) because everyone else will know. There are things on the bike that I wanted to change for the last couple of years. Our biggest problem when we were there was we didn’t have enough budget to push new things but already this year they have had four or five different versions, trying this and trying that and they’ve had things we never had. We couldn’t get anything new from the start of the season till the end.

"When we had the carbon frame they already had an aluminium one they were testing. Everyone is saying bad things about the carbon fibre but you didn’t ride the trellis frame. The carbon is a much better bike, we made improvements every year. Last year was the only year we struggled a lot through most of the season until the end and then I believed we had a bike that could win every race. To me the bike is not that bad. Many people criticise the carbon frame but the carbon frame is not the problem.

"They’ve (Rossi and his squad) said the bike was not developed well in the past and now they have got the bike they wanted a little more and they’re still continuing to struggle so I really don’t know. They’re putting in all the effort they can. When they understand what the problem is, I’m sure they can improve the results but for now they need to get more confidence."