Dunlop ups World Endurance prize money to £124,000

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Long-time World Endurance partner Dunlop has increased its prize money to £124,000 for the upcoming season, which kicks off at the Bol d’Or this weekend.

The EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy has awarded prize money to 128 privateer teams over four seasons so long as they use tyre specifications developed by Dunlop Motorsport in each race.

The additional prize money will be handed out at the two 24-hour races. The winner of the EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy at Bol d’Or Le Mans 24-Hour will receive £6200 each, compared to £4400 last season.

Plus the top 15 EWC Dunlop Independent Trophy teams will be awarded prizes at the two 24-hour races. The top ten teams will receive prize money at the eight-hours races.

“Endurance racing is at the heart of Dunlop’s racing activities. For over 130 years, we have used racing to develop tyre technology that allows riders to push further and faster than ever before,” said Edouard Carpentier, General Manager, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe.

Open tyre competition in endurance racing is a tough battleground, but we love the challenge. Riders demand tyres that not only last longer each season but relentlessly perform, lap after lap.

“Dunlop has developed a ‘stronger for longer’ mindset and EWC provides the perfect arena to develop compounds and constructions that we transfer to road tyres.

“In the last three years, Dunlop has launched five new hypersport tyres, including the acclaimed SportSmart Mk3, and they all feature technology proven in EWC.

“Almost uniquely in World Championship level racing, EWC allows the privateer teams to strongly compete against the manufacturer teams.

“We are proud to offer these teams support with the Dunlop Independent Trophy. It gives a financial incentive to the privateers, who are the lifeblood of the championship, and we also offer these teams the same level of Dunlop world-class service and technical support as the factory teams.”