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Espargaro slams aggressive Petrucci after contact at Le Mans

Red Bull KTM’s Pol Espargaro has slammed works Ducati rider Danilo Petrucci after the pair made contact during the Le Mans MotoGP.

Espargaro believes Petrucci rides under different rules than the rest of the field and is too aggressive when he tries to make a pass.

“Danilo has a very peculiar way to overtake. He just doesn’t care, he just goes into the corner, opens the throttle and hits you, and this is the way to put you out and then overtake you,” said Espargaro.

“I know that we are fighting to go into the top - also I was trying to overtake Vale because in the beginning I was a bit faster - but there are ways of overtaking.

He destroyed one winglet with my body. I imagine how hard and big was the impact. He hit in my leg and ass with the winglet, and the impact, it was big because the winglet flew out.

“To destroy one winglet – you can touch it when the bike is stopped, the winglet is hard. Luckily nothing happened but we have different views of racing.”

Petrucci brushed off the criticism saying his bike is always damaged when it crosses the line.

“Was not a big damage but my bike is always damaged after races. Fortunately nothing big changed. I hope Pol wasn’t affected with that contact.”

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