Former GP racer Steve Millard has died

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Picture: Millard Family

Steve Millard, one-time Continental Circus and TT rider but better known as a founder of TeeMill Tours, has died. He was 80 and is survived by his daughter Nikki.

It was when he finished campaigning his G50 and 7R across Europe, plus occasional forays behind the Iron Curtain and the Isle of Man in the sixties, that he and Reg Thomas saw an opportunity to ferry British fans to world championship races at historic circuits which they had only read about.

Their experience at criss-crossing the Continent and getting into Eastern Bloc countries - no open borders in those days even in Europe - was invaluable and thousands of fans filled their buses. Daytona was next but speedway was among the most popular with the World Finals, whether they be in Poland, Germany or the US. attracting several thousand each.

In the nineties online bookings, easier access and more reliable motorbikes changed the game and Steve turned to organising personal travel packages involving flights and hotels.

A former colleague Bob Lancaster said: “It was a great time. And you could never meet a nicer man than Steve. Nobody has a bad word to say about him.”

The funeral will take place on June 2 at 3pm but as attendance will be limited Nikki Millard is to live stream it and, thanks to an idea from Martin Carney, put stories on video: “As it doesn’t look like we will be able to get together and raise a drink to my Dad for while I’ve set up a website for him as a place we can share photos and stories.”

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