Gardner joins Crafar’s charity bid

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Former MotoGP rider Remy Gardner has joined forces with Simon Crafar to raise money for charity.

Crafar recently auctioned off his Yamaha Red Bull 500GP leathers - with YME head honcho Eric De Seynes winning the bid thanks to a €2700 donation. While the Dorna commentator is still planning to offer up more of his suits in the future, friend and fellow Andorran resident Gardner is next up with the goodies - his iXon MotoGP gloves.

Opting for a raffle rather than auction format this time around, fans can purchase tickets for €5 a chance via the JustGiving link with proof of donation emailed to to enter the draw.

“Go and support an awesome charity run by Simon Crafar” Gardner said on social media.

“All funds will go towards helping stray dogs centres in Spain, so if you want to help out some puppies, you will go in the chance to win some of my gear from last year!”