‘Getting in the top eight is not a crazy idea’ - Redding

Redding with girlfriend Kiara Fontanesi, a multiple world MX champion
Redding with girlfriend Kiara Fontanesi, a multiple world MX champion Picture: Gold&Goose

Britain’s Scott Redding his relishing his role as a factory Aprilia MotoGP rider and says that after the three pre-season tests, it is the first time he is truly ready to go racing with no negatives in his head.

The Gloucestershire rider believes that Aprilia’s goal of top-eight finishes in 2018 is achievable especially with the new RS-GP that has taken some big steps forward. Redding is most pleased with the differences between bring a satellite rider and a works one.

“I didn’t expect there to be such a difference, I expected it to be similar but it is completely different and it is what I needed to continue to have the fire for racing. For the last three years, I was racing but it wasn’t possible to win with the machinery I had, and that is demoralising for a rider,” he said.

“Now, with a factory team, we develop, we work. I give information, I get a product back to test and most times it is better. That for me is the biggest thing, you develop the bike through the season, you’re not stuck with the same thing and that excites me.

“We made some big, big steps forward with the new bike and I am looking forward to collecting data after the first races to see where we can improve. I think Aprilia’s goals are to get in the top eight which is not a crazy idea, it’s very, very possible, especially as the bike in a race simulation is very strong.

“We need to improve a little the speed, reduce the weight a little. I have lost five kilos this year, I feel motivated and it’s the first year I can stand here and say I am ready. I have no negatives.”

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