Halsall Racing withdraws from British Superbikes

Picture: Impact Images

Martin Halsall has chosen to withdraw his team from the British Superbike Championship and they won’t compete in 2019.

Halsall believes that racing is no longer a viable part of his business portfolio and it leaves veteran manager Colin Wright searching for a new job.

“It is with regret that I have taken this decision, but after a lot of soul searching and head scratching over the last few weeks, I’ve decided that the team will no longer be a part of the championship,” said Halsall.

“There are a number of reasons which have led me to this decision, but it’s no secret that this has been a very difficult year. As a businessman, I have to look all aspects of where my investment is going and at this point I feel it is no longer a viable interest.

“Racing is expensive and while I have always loved the sport and being part of the paddock, certain things that have occurred this season have taken a lot of that enjoyment away and this has all contributed to the decision.

“I would like to thank everyone who has been involved with the team this season. The boys have worked tirelessly all year and I want to thank them publicly along with all of our loyal supporters, many of whom have followed us since we first arrived in 2012.”

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