Hill leaves Be Wiser Kawasaki after ‘differing ideas’

Hill will presumably now concentrate on his Imagdzign business
Hill will presumably now concentrate on his Imagdzign business Picture: Double Red

Be Wiser Kawasaki boss Alan Greig confirmed that Tommy Hill has left his position as manager of the British Superbike outfit, with immediate effect.

Hill was conspicuous by his absence at Cadwell Park last weekend with many wondering just what had happened between the former British Superbike champion and his team, which had looked like a match made in heaven.

Although the rumour mill had gone into overdrive on Twitter, and Hill was tweeting about everything but motorcycling, Greig says nothing particularly huge had happened – just a good old-fashioned difference of opinion that the boss felt he had to stand firm with.

“Basically Tommy and myself had different ideas for the future of the team and therefore we parted company and that really is all there is to it,” Greig told Bikesportnews.com

“It happened on Tuesday, and up until then things had been working fine but this was just planning for the future and which direction we were going to go in for the future of the team.

“We had differences for what the team should be doing in 2016 onwards; it’s nothing to do with riders, nothing to do with the size of the team. Which manufacturer we were going to have was something for starters.”

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