‘I feel like a diesel engine now,’ says Crutchlow

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Britain’s Cal Crutchlow believes his MotoGP performances are now the opposite of where they were when he first started and he now starts slowly and builds up pace.

Comparing himself to a diesel engine, Crutchlow says he is now missing the early liveliness he had as a youngster and at the age of 34, he doesn’t want to ride around at the back of the field just collecting a cheque without being competitive.

“I’ve been riding motorcycle races for almost 20 years now. At some point, everything is slower. I see that in my qualifying laps. I am now the opposite of what I have been, said Crutchlow.

I used to be extremely fast in qualifying, but not quite at this level in the race. Now the opposite is the case. I now feel like a diesel engine, I burn energy more slowly, I always have to warm up first.”

Crutchlow isn’t about to fade into the background, though, as he wants to make 2020 his best-ever season in the class before he retires.

“I have no intention of simply riding slowly in circles in my possibly last season. I am convinced that I could go on for three or four more years if I wanted to. But I don’t want to ride around at the back for two years and just collect my fee.

“I want to ride in the front. I had a lot of fun and joy in MotoGP. Maybe I haven’t achieved all of my goals but I’ve always done my best. I would step back in a state of complete happiness because I can look back on a decent career. I enjoyed it. That’s actually the reason why we do this job.”

Crutchlow was talking to our colleagues at Speedweek.com