‘I just have to beat Irwin and Mackenzie in three races’ - Hickman - Bikesport News

‘I just have to beat Irwin and Mackenzie in three races’ - Hickman

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Smiths BMW’s Peter Hickman has laid out a simple strategy for snatching a Bennetts British Superbike Showdown place at Oulton Park this weekend - just beat Tarran Mackenzie and Andrew Irwin in all three races.

Hickman is currently six points behind the injured Mackenzie and one behind Honda’s Irwin - and the Irishman is compromised for race one as he has to start from the back of the grid after nerfing off Scott Redding at Cadwell.

“It is going to be a bit of everything for me at Oulton Park. Consistency always pays off in racing and especially with the Showdown format and that is down not only to me but the Smiths Racing team,” said Hickman.

“I have finished every race in the points, which is great, however for Oulton Park I just need to finish in front of Taz and Andy in each race and then I am in.

Race one makes my life a little bit easier for me as Andy is right back down the grid, but we will go through free practice and qualifying as we always do - trying to get as far up the grid as we can and obviously I want to try and win as that is every racers goal.

“That said, I am not going to try and win at all costs because the costs are high – I need to finish all three races ahead of those guys.”

“I think it is a big thing for all the guys who haven’t been in the Showdown before, as it is for me. I have made the Showdown for the past two years but then also once you have made it and then if you don’t make it, is probably worse!

“If you have never had the chance, or you have been close and missed out like I did in 2016, I guess it isn’t so bad because you have never had it.

“Once you have had it and then don’t it is going to be worse. It is almost a bigger failure, so the pressure is on all of us but I feel like I am pretty experienced in the championship now and I deal with pressure pretty well I think if I do say so myself! I am able to concentrate on the job in hand and that is what we are going to do at Oulton Park.”

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