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‘I now know can enjoy life when I stop racing’ – Rossi

Picture: GeeBee Images

Nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi has taken lessons from the coronavirus lockdown and now knows he can enjoy life without the hustle and bustle of MotoGP.

After spending weeks at home with his girlfriend, mum and dogs, The Doctor has relaxed and is safe in the knowledge he won’t be turning into Jack Torrance when the leathers are finally hung up.

“I have to be sincere, I’ve had a great lockdown. I had a good time, because I stayed in my house and relaxed with my mum, with my girlfriend, with my animals, and I had a good time,” said Rossi.

“For me, it was very strange because from 1995 that my life around the world to the circuits. It’s a strange feeling in the beginning, but I like a lot being in my house and especially living without constant pressure of the result of the races.

“This is the good feeling, I can figure out a little bit my future life when I stop bike racing. So I think I can enjoy also when I stop. So, this is good and I can take my decision more easily.”

Rossi was speaking to BT Sport.

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