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‘I’m sneaking in under the radar’ says BMW’s Iddon

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Tyco BMW’s Christian Iddon has missed the Bennetts British Superbike Showdown by only a handful of points in recent seasons and aims to make it into the 2019 top six at this weekend’s Oulton Park finale.

But the former Supermoto supremo believes he is doing it under the radar as all attention seems to be focused on rivals Peter Hickman, Andrew Irwin and Tarran Mackenzie.

“If we go out and do the best we can then we can’t really do any more. I don’t know the points to the other riders, I just know the point deficit to sixth right now. Everyone can take care of themselves really, if I just do the best I can do then whatever they do will happen and the end result will be what it is,” said Iddon.

“It is another year full of stories again, and I had promised myself that wouldn’t happen this year but it’s not the way racing goes. There are so many things that can happen during the season and I am sure there are still some plots to come at Oulton Park!

I would say that not many people are looking at me, which means I can just do my own thing. There has been a lot of talk about Hickman, how Taz Mac is going to be, and Andrew which means I am sneaking under the radar so if I can snatch it from underneath then that would do me just fine!

“I have fallen short over the last three years by ten or 15 points or less and that sucks really badly. It is always those little bits that you can count up over the season. Like the missed gear at Cadwell, you don’t know, I have missed it by that before; the crash at Knockhill, technicals we had earlier in the year – they call count.

“You know it is all the little bits. When it gets towards the end of the main season and the build up to the Showdown, everyone focuses on that. Results are super important all season and make the difference so we will see. To get in the Showdown would be a perfect reward for the Tyco BMW team; not just for this year but the last four.”

Iddon, along with the other BMW riders, is still using a standard S1000RR engine and he says the bike has remained pretty much the same since Silverstone.

“The bike hasn’t changed too much over the season so far but we are getting used to what works for me with the setup, but even though the engine is still standard it has shown how competitive it is and we are getting a handle on where we need to be.

Cadwell was probably the best I had ridden all year, from the first lap out I wasn’t on the limit, I enjoyed it. I was on a limit but it wasn’t scary – I could do what I wanted with the bike. I feel we got out of the weekend what we should have done, apart from the part when I missed a gear in race one and cost myself three points! But it is what it is.

“Oulton and Cadwell are very similar so the set-up should be quite similar. I am only looking at the points to sixth at the moment and that is all I care about right now, so I need to do that again plus a bit more at Oulton to cut that 21-point deficit to sixth place.

“It doesn’t sound a lot, but a 21 point swing is quite a lot so it has to be podiums really, which is something we haven’t managed yet this year so it needs to be a great weekend but it is possible.”

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