Jonathan Rea: What are you doing now your day job is postponed?

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Picture: GeeBee Images

Multiple WorldSBK champion and works Kawasaki rider Jonathan Rea doesn’t have a lot to do at the moment as coronavirus has curtailed the season, so we asked him what he is doing to kill the time.

Where are you in the world right now?

I’m at home in Northern Ireland with Tarsh, our two boys and my mum

What are you doing with the boys now the nurseries are all shut?

It’s bloody hard as they have so much energy but we alternate ‘home schooling’ between Tarsh and I for 2.5 hrs Monday to Friday. I’ve built them a mountain bike section in the back yard and they love football so trying to coach them a little.

I love spending time with them, but in the same breath I have a higher appreciation of their teacher at school now.

Are you able to train as normal or have you had to change some stuff around?

To be honest I’ve managed to increase the intensity and quantity of what my program would normally be at this point in the season. A few reasons for this but between races and PR commitments it’s hard to have a full week at home so because there is no distractions I’m full gas.

BLK BOX Belfast helped get some gym equipment out to be so I can keep up my strength training and I’m using the indoor bike trainer now which I was never keen on. Secondly I find if I sit still too long I struggle mentally so I’ve thrown all my attention between training, kids and gardening. Not in that order obviously.

Is Tarsh ‘loving’ having you in the house all the time?

I’m not sure, I think the first week she struggled because I was building a garden shed and the gym in the garage and we didn’t structure anything. Now I’m trying to be there for her a bit more. We decided that we’d make Friday nights our ‘date night’ cooking nice dinner, few drinks and some music. She’s doing well though, and I hope she’d give me a good rap for being her fellow house inmate.

Netflix or Amazon?

Netflix for Series, Amazon for sport documentaries

And what are you watching?

Money Heist

What’s going on with the team?

I’m in touch with my mechanics daily on WhatsApp and the management are fully preparing for racing to get underway whenever that may be. They are in constant contact with WorldSBK to understand the potential calendar changes.

Has this affected your Suzuka testing schedule?

We had planned to Autopolis to do some function tests but that was cancelled. The next test is provisional but they are still working in the factory in Japan at full capacity, so they will be ready for when both SBK and Suzuka get the go ahead to start.

What else are you doing to keep busy?

I’ve done a fair bit of gardening as we have a decent sized property and it takes a good bit of looking after. It’s so rewarding to see it looking nice after working hard all day.

We’ve been enjoying cooking and making food go further and we realised we wasted a lot of food. I’m also decorating my office with paint and a new desk but aside from that spending plenty of time in the day dreaming of watching the lights go out again.