Knockhill BSB: ‘That was one hairy lap’ - Dixon

Picture: Impact Images

Pole-sitter Jake Dixon admits his scorching 47.158s lap from this afternoon’s qualifying session, the fastest two-wheeled time ever around Knockhill, was anything but comfortable.

But following four podiums in the last four races, the RAF Regular & Reserves Kawasaki rider feels he’s ready to break into the 2018 winner’s circle.

Dixon says he’s happy to start first on the grid tomorrow after an all-out assault on the Scottish circuit, and is delighted to repay the Lee Hardy Racing squad with pole.

“I think this is just a track that lends itself well to the Kawasaki,” he said. “Obviously I like it as well, but the team has done a fantastic job all weekend.”

“It seems we found a little bit where we were lacking but I can tell you that was one hairy lap. I put it on the line for the boys because they work so hard.”

“We’ve done our homework for the race and I just hope we can be there with two solid podiums, and if the win is there we’ll take it.”

Despite taking his first two wins in BSB with a double victory at last year’s Knockhill round, Dixon also says it could be difficult for he and the team to set out a concrete strategy for tomorrow’s two races.

“You can’t set out a plan, you’ve just got to get out there and do your race and what will be will be. I don’t think you can have too much of a game plan.

“But these boys are all fast, so I’m just going to get my head down and do my race.”

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