Lack of marshals forces Classic and Manx GP practice cancellation

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Picture: Impact Images

Sunday’s Classic TT and Manx GP qualifying session has been cancelled due to a shortage of available marshals.

Clerk of the Course Gary Thompson has called off today’s qualifying session after only a speed controlled lap for newcomers took place yesterday due to adverse weather conditions.

It has been decided at an early stage to cancel the alternate session to minimise disruption to competitors, marshals and the general public.

“The TTMA did an outstanding job yesterday to get marshals in place for last night’s first qualifying session, and I am very grateful to all of the marshals that turned out last night,” said Thompson.

“Although the start of the session was delayed because we had to move a number of Marshals around the TT Course, we were thwarted by a shower of rain which severely affected the west coast of the Island.

Last night, I made the decision that we would use this afternoon to run a full qualifying session, but having reviewed the marshalling numbers for today, it is very clear we will be more than 80 marshals short of the manning levels required for the TT Course which is significantly below the number that we require.

“What I don’t want to do is close the road, get everyone in place, have everyone waiting and then find we can’t hold the qualifying session, so we have decided to give everyone plenty of notice and cancel today’s session and concentrate on getting marshal numbers in place for Monday night.”

Roads are due to close at 18:00 on Monday evening for the first qualifying session which is due to get underway at 18:20 with the Classic TT Superbikes/Lightweights and the MGP Senior/Juniors followed by the Classic TT Seniors/Juniors and the MGP Lightweights/Ultra Lightweights at 19:15.

There is a separate MGP Newcomers practice at 19:45 with roads due to open all around the Course around 20:30 but no later than 21:00.