Lorenzo announces retirement from MotoGP after Valencia

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Multiple World Champion Jorge Lorenzo has announced his retirement from MotoGP after the end of the Valencia GP weekend.

The Spaniard has been suffering with injury for more than a year and has been unable to even get close to the top ten this season after switching to Honda from Ducati.

“I wasn’t able to be fast in normal conditions and it gave me a lot of problems. I keep working with the team, thinking it was a matter of time,” said Lorenzo.

“Then I started to see some light but there was a big crash at the Montmelo test and as I was rolling through the gravel, I wondered if it was worth it.

“I went home, decided to give it a try, so I keep going. But the truth is from that moment, I was not able to find the motivation to climb this mountain.”

“I love to ride, I love competition, I love this sport, but above all things I love to win. I realised at some point that this was not possible, at this short time with Honda.

“At this stage of my career, was impossible for me to keep motivation. My goal that I put into my mind at the beginning of the season was not realistic, as I said, in this short time.

“I have to say, I feel very sorry for Honda, especially for Alberto, who was the one who gave me this opportunity. I remember very well that day in the Montmelo test, the first meeting that I got with him, to start chatting about my move to Honda, and I said to him: ‘Alberto, don’t make a mistake signing the wrong rider - trust me, and you will not regret it’.

“Sadly I have to say I disappointed him, I disappointed Honda, Takeo, Kuwata and Nomura-san.

“However, I think this is the best decision for me and for the team because Honda and Jorge Lorenzo cannot be fighting to just score some points at the end of the race, or even to enter in the top five, or even fight for the podium - which I think would be possible with time. I think we both are winners, that need to fight to win.”