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Lorenzo having to sacrifice rear grip for front stability

Jorge Lorenzo’s way of riding the 2019 MotoGP Repsol Honda is so different than team-mate Marc Marquez - the rider it was built around - that he is losing massive amounts of rear grip in order to keep the front under control.

Lorenzo had another nightmare at Aragon - finishing 49s behind winner Marquez - and says his injuries are only partly to blame as the drop in rear tyre performance was huge,

“Obviously I felt a lot the drop in the rear tyre, was very big. Looks like the traction of the rear tyres, you have a standard setting you then generate no grip on the rear, especially for the race, and you the rear just doesn’t bite the asphalt to drive,” said Lorenzo.

“So I am all the race trying to manage this spinning, trying to save tyre and even like this I was dropping and we just need to work on that, try to find some solutions.

“It’s true that when I try to be a bit closer to the settings Marc and Cal are using, I get worse front confidence. That’s why I always sacrifice a bit on the rear to find a bit on the front.

Maybe we need to find a solution to gain rear grip to be able to not suffer too much in the race without losing stability. If we find that, we can be more competitive, I believe, for the rest of the season.”

At Aragon, Lorenzo dismissed the idea of ‘doing a Zarco’ and ending his contract with Honda early in favour of sitting on a beach with some chicas.

“A lot of people ask me this question, and I say in my mind at this moment the possibility of giving up doesn’t appear.

“I have a two-year contract with Honda, so for the moment I’m going to keep and let’s see if we can improve in these races.”

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