Malaysian haze ’not a problem’ say MotoGP bosses

It's like The Day After Tomorrow...
It's like The Day After Tomorrow... Picture: NASA

MotoGP boss Javier Alonso believes the air-pollution haze spreading across to Malysia from Indonesia will not affect this weekend’s Sepang round.

The haze, which is caused by thousands of acres of woodland being cut down and set on fire, is currently reading as moderate on local air pollution monitors but Alonso says they are keeping a close eye on it.

“We have been monitoring the situation for the last three days and it hasn’t changed dramatically. The levels are still in the moderate area and what we have done is install monitoring equipment on site,” said Alonso.

“We don’t really have a quality of air problem. For visibility, the helicopter has different rules than Japan, it arrived today with no problem and we don’t expect it to get worse. Monitoring is a continuous process and we are receiving information every single hour.”

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