Mason and Burrell enjoying life in Speed Ministry

Former British Superbike stars Gary Mason and Barry Burrell are enjoying life post racing-after setting up a tuning business at Mallory Park.

Speed Ministry is a state of the art car and bike tuning operation, which also offers driver training at the Leicestershire circuit.

I thought I’d get a business set up while I was racing in case I decided I’d had enough but I quickly realised it wasn’t going to work like that so I stopped racing,” said Burrell.

“I still get out on pitbikes and flat-tracker with Dan Cooper every week if possible and also do some tuition on European track days with PaceDayz.

“Speed Ministry has a rolling road in a state of the art dyno cell that replicates driving so basically gives you true figures instead of sticking a big fan in front of the car and getting false figures.”

Mason added: “After racing for so long we needed to do something with power and speed involved.”

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