Monteblanco BSB test: Pirelli boss explains 2019 tyre allocation

'Lovely and warm here, see, just like Pontypandy...'
'Lovely and warm here, see, just like Pontypandy...' Picture: Impact Images

Bennetts British Superbike control tyre supplier Pirelli has changed the hoop allocation for 2019, bringing in new slick compounds front and rear, and a new and large rear wet.

The new tyres have been available from the first hour of testing at Monteblanco and boss Jason Griffiths appears to be pleased with the performance so far.

“For 2019, we have made a number of changes to the range. The front SC1 slick is one we introduced last year as a special tyre and was very much the preferred choice of the riders, so that has been moved in,” said Griffiths, speaking at Monteblanco.

The SC2 front has had a compound revision and seems to be going down favourably here as it gives a little more feeling than the previous tyre.

“With regard to the rear choices, both the SC0 and SC1 have new compounds. What we are looking for there is consistency with more durability, so in terms of performance, we haven’t lost anything, just the consistency remains for longer.

“There has been a substantial change for rain tyres in Superbike. We now have two instead of one. It is a bigger sized tyre and we hope not to try it until we get back to the UK.”

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