Moto3 riders to be handed ‘harder’ penalties for on-track crimes

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Picture: GeeBee Images

MotoGP race director Mike Webb has outlined new penalties for Moto3 riders who are caught causing problems for other competitors on track.

After years of lightweight-class racers hanging about wating for tows, Webb and the stewards panel will now start handing out bans from sessions or even races if riders are caught cocking about.

“There won’t be so much reliance on grid penalties - which don’t seem to matter in this class - but specifically looking at video evidence to see who is the rider at fault and if they are disturbing another rider,” said Webb.

“If a rider is found to be at fault disturbing other riders or causing a problem, the penalties immediately will be stronger.

“They can be suspended from a whole practice, they can have penalties during a race. It’s a continuation of the work done last year. The teams can also help by working with their riders.”