MotoGP Aragon: Marquez admits taking risks during FP2

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MotoGP World Championship leader and Friday fastest man Marc Marquez admitted he took a big risk in the afternoon FP2 session, which saw him crash out in Aragon.

After topping the morning session with a stunning lap on soft Michelin tyres, the Spaniard went out with the intention of working on race setup, with conditions expected to be mirrored for Sunday’s race.

Rain is forecast for Saturday, meaning time and conditions were at a premium, leaving Marquez wanting to test the limits of hard front tyre, leaving no stone unturned in his preparations for the race.

Whilst testing the front tyre, Marquez lost the front tyre, crashing out, despite his best efforts to catch his front tyre on his knee. He admitted that there were risks taken, but it was to try and get the perfect set up.

“The team and I knew that I will have a very big chance to crash in the afternoon, when I tried the hard front tyre,” said the 26-year-old.

“Sunday conditions will be similar to today, so I said to the team I would rather take some risks this afternoon and if we have some warnings, I prefer to have it this afternoon than on Sunday, so that’s what I did.

“First, I went out on the hard front tyre was ok, then in the second run on the downhill I lost the front.

“I touched a little bit the white line and I lost the front. But it’s what I say to the team, I prefer to have this warning this afternoon than in the race.”

When asked the biggest differences between the front tyres, Marquez was short but concise in his explanation, saying: “With the hard front you have a little less grip on the edge.”