MotoGP Aragon: Stewards attempt to clarify track limit rules

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MotoGP stewards have issued a statement to teams in an attempt to clarify the somewhat ambiguous rules with regards to exceeding track limits and venturing onto painted curbs.

The end of the Moto2 race last weekend surrounding Augusto Fernandez and Fabio Di Giannantonio saw the SpeedUp team’s appeal rejected, despite Fernandez appearing to go off the track shortly before taking the lead on the final lap.

The incident was reviewed in the Safety Commission Friday evening and in a bid to clarify the rules, the stewards issued a statement stating:

“If the FIM MotoGP Stewards deem a rider to have gained a clear advantage in one single track limit infraction, a penalty can be issued. This can vary from a Change of Position, a Time Penalty or a Long Lap Penalty. These instances are recorded but not included in the undetermined count, as a rider will already have been penalised for them.

“At the Gran Premio Michelin de Aragon and following consultation with the Safety Commission, it has been decided to update the protocol for track limit infractions that occur on the last lap of a race.

“From now on, an infraction on the last lap that has affected a race result must indicate that the rider in question was disadvantaged by exceeding track limits. If the Stewards deem there is no clear disadvantage, the rider will be penalised with a change of position or a time penalty. This is to ensure that any rider exceeding track limits on the final lap must be in a worse position than the rider or riders with whom they are directly competing for a finish position.”