MotoGP Aragon: Vinales expecting first laps to be tough

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Monster Yamaha MotoGP rider Maverick Vinales said that he is ready for his M1 to get better for Sunday race, after spending a lot of free practice time on improvements for his Yamaha in Aragon.

The Spaniard secured a starting spot on the outside of the front row and after spending a lot of the weekend working on improvements, Vinales said that he is ready to get his bike to it’s optimal setting for the race.

“I feel really good, especially in FP4 with my second tyre I felt quite good on the rhythm and like I can keep a good speed,” said the Yamaha man.

“But this weekend we worked a little bit different, we had all the new stuff to try and we make somehow the priority the new stuff, so we didn’t take the best from our standard bike, so I think for tomorrow we have a little bit to improve.

“It will be difficult tomorrow as the track will be slippery, but anyway we have a good rhythm, we are prepared, and we want to go for the maximum.”

Despite the Yamaha improving in recent weeks, the M1 is still significantly slower than a lot of other bikes through the speed trap, 13.4 km/h slower than Marc Marquez’ top speed in the speed trap. Aware of this, Vinales knows he will have his work cut out in the opening laps.

“For us it will be difficult the first laps, but I will try my best,” he said.

“I will close all the doors to try to be in the first places on the first lap and then we will see. The pace is going to pay a lot in the last ten laps, so it’s a little but difficult for us with the long straight but have other points where we are really strong.”

The past two races in Misano and in Aragon have seen a significant improvement from the Yamaha. Vinales believes that Yamaha have taken a step forwards, but also believes they have taken a step forwards, although they are still struggling to topple Marquez.

“I think we make a step forward, especially from the first laps, we always get really good into the rhythm,” he said.

“Race-by-race we are understanding better the bike and the way to go, we are making updates on the bike.

“Depends where you look, if you look at Honda and Marc we are still far. If you look at the other manufactures, seem we catch up a little bit, but we need to concentrate on our own job, trying specially to be very clear for next year to get the maximum.”