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MotoGP Aragon: Was the perfect weekend – Marquez

MotoGP World Championship leader Marc Marquez described this weekend as perfect, as the Spaniard closed in on a sixth MotoGP World Championship after a dominant win in Aragon.

The Spaniard was masterful in victory, leading from the pole position until the chequered flag, crossing the line whilst mimicking a fishing trip he and his brother went on earlier in the week. His win, coupled with Andrea Dovizioso’s second place now means that Marquez is 98 points clear in the World Championship, with his first chance to win the title in Thailand in two weeks time.

“Was the perfect weekend, we did an amazing job all weekend, from the beginning we started in a good way,” said the 26-year-old.

“Just to know, to understand how well was the weekend, we race with the setup we started with FP1, so this was something that was the first time in the year.

“Apart from this the strategy in the race was clever, I was convinced about my strategy and I push a lot in the first three, four laps and then I tried to manage the distance.

“I’m happy, happy because it was a good 25 points, but this guy on the right-hand side [Dovi] never give up, so he still is pushing. But in Thailand I will have the first match point, will be in my head, but we will try to be stronger than here. It will be difficult, but we will be more focused than here.”

The three Honda riders not named Marquez have all struggled, explaining how hard they’re finding the Honda to ride. The World Champion explained that the engine has made the bike better overall, even if it has caused some issues in other areas.

“Last year we were very consistent, but this year looks like we improve even a little bit more on that way, so this is the most important,” he said.

“I think the main reason is the engine. In the first part of the season the first races we have some issues about the new engine, because it was more powerful and how to set up for all the races.

“But now we already understand from mid-season to now, where is our strong points, where is our weak points. Now we go out starting the weekend in a very good way, but now is important to finish the season in a good way and be ready for 2020, as all the opponents are stronger and stronger. But most important for us is stay there every race.”

This was Marquez’ first race in which he had cleared off at the front since his now infamous mistake in Austin, earlier in 2019, where he crashed all on his own nearly ten seconds clear of the field.

When asked if it was hard to concentrate being so far clear at the front, Marquez said: “No I mean it was the main target during all the race, to be focused and concentrating and be patient, don’t push too much.

“I saved the tyres as I was saving the rear but also the front tyre, because with the medium I was struggling a little bit on the left-hand side. But the experience of Austin was always in my head, so then I just keep going and I just tried to understand and manage the distance.

“What I learn in Austin is doesn’t matter win by four seconds, twelve seconds or one seconds, the most important is 25 points and that’s what we did.”

This weekend marked his 200th Grand Prix. Marquez said it was hard to pick just one to call his best, although put forwards three suggestions as to what his best one could’ve been.

“I don’t know, I could say many,” he said.

“The first important one was 2010 Estoril was really nice. Then 2012 in Valencia, I started from last and I finished first in the rain conditions, was a nice one.

“But maybe the best feeling in my life was 2014 in Valencia, when I win the race, I was already champion, but my brother just a few hours ago was champion and was the best feeling.”

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