MotoGP Aragon: You always need to take risks – Marquez

MotoGP World Championship leader Marc Marquez has said that despite his 67 point lead in the World Championship you always need to take risks in MotoGP.

Marquez crashed out of FP4 in a fast crash and despite holding such a good lead in the standings; Marquez said that any race you need to take a certain amount of risks.

“When you finish the first five laps, you understand where is your place in the race or when you can arrive,” said Dovizioso.

“You need to take to risks, always. To follow the Ducati’s you need to take some risks and to finish on the podium you need to take another risk. So the tactic is the same as the other traces, start well, try to pass in the first laps and then try to understand.

“If I can fight, I will fight. If for some reason I just can follow, I will try to follow. If for some reason I don’t feel well its important to think on the bike, but some risks you need to take.”

Marquez was led the field after the original fast laps of qualifying and looked good to improve before his lap was taken off of him for exceeding track limits. Despite being behind both factory Ducati’s, Marquez said he was happy with his days work.

“I’m happy about the day because yesterday we were far from Ducati, but today we were closer and tomorrow still we can improve a few things,” he said.

“But today in qualifying they put new-new, but I feel really good and I was able to ride two times in the 46.9, with the last tyre I was coming fast but I did a small mistake. But as the two Ducati riders said tomorrow the race is long, it’s 30 laps and will be hard to manage the tyres.

“But I feel well, in FP4 I rode a lot of laps on the rear tyre, I feel good so we will see. Like in other races I will try and race against them.”

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