MotoGP Assen: Early race setup pays off in parts for Vinales

Picture: Gold&Goose

Maverick Vinales said the setup on his Movistar Yamaha M1 paid off in parts, but cost him in late race pace during Sundays MotoGP race in Assen.

Vinales has been struggling in 2018 with pace in the early stages of the season. This prompted a rethink for Vinales and his factory Yamaha team who decided to go 180 on the setup and concentrate on staying competitive early in race which came at the loss of late race pace.

“I felt good with the full tank, even better than the last laps of the race because it was difficult. We prepared the bike for the first laps and it was nice to feel strong at the beginning, to overtake many riders,” said Vinales.

“There was a lot of contact, but I think it was a good move and I can’t wait to be in the next race.

“I think the track helped a lot, it’s a good track for me and I know how to go fast here in Assen, but anyway I hope the problem got fixed and still on the electronics we need to work a lot.

“The way we worked this weekend was the correct one, working a lot for the race, not for one lap. Usually we are faster in qualifying and here it was totally the opposite, so we need to keep working like that and hopefully in the summer break Yamaha can bring something big and we can have the chance to fight for the title.”

The 23-year-old said that he enjoyed fighting back at the head of the field rather than trying to pick his way through the field in the closing races such as has been the pattern in the recent races.

“It was a nice race and unluckily I went wide on the last lap and I could not fight for the win,” he said.

“But anyway I’m happy and we recovered a lot of confidence in the weekend. We worked really well for the race, still the bike needs to improve, especially on the electronics, but it was good to be with the fast guys today because I know the point to improve; I think our bike is on a good level, on chassis we are really good and in the fast corners I felt great.

“With the electronics, we are coming in a good way but still there is a lot of work to do so I’m happy that we were there, even if the bike is not at the maximum yet.”

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