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MotoGP Austria: Mir to remain in hospital until Monday

Injured Ecstar Suzuki rider Joan Mir has been transferred from Brno to Barcelona after his massive testing crash and will remain in hospital until Monday.

The Spanish rider was diagnosed with a severe pulmonary contusion after the crash and transferred to the FN Bohunice University Hospital, before finally being able to travel home to Spain in a medical plane.

Upon his arrival he was directly transferred to the Department of Internal Medicine at the Hospital Universitario Dexeus, where the Doctor in charge is Angel Charte, who also happens to be the Medical Director of the MotoGP World Championship.

“We completed an enhanced cranial CT scan, a chest CT scan, and an abdominal CT scan with contrast dye. Both the cranial CT and abdominal CT are normal. We have not observed any involvement or damage of any vital organ, nor any blood in the abdominal cavity,” said Dr Charte.

“However, the thoracic CT does show a pulmonary contusion, predominantly on the right side. Although the lungs are functioning well and have stood up to analysis, there is still that heavy bruising which requires hospital rest and observation, with daily analytical and testing rounds.

“Together with my team, we have decided to keep him hospitalised until Monday, then we will do another check to see if the contusion has reduced in intensity - and in that case he would go home.”

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