MotoGP bosses change test and wildcard rules for 2020

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MotoGP chiefs have announced changes to testing and wildcard rules for the 2020 season.

Until now, teams have only been able to replace a contracted rider at a test if he is injured which leaves no room to test potential new riders as only concession teams are allowed to test privately.

This new ruling means teams may substitute their contracted rider for all or part of a test, provided that the maximum number of test days is respected, and that the substitute takes the place of the contracted rider, i.e. both cannot be on track at the same time. Such substitute riders must be approved the Selection Committee.

Currently, MotoGP manufacturers are not permitted to nominate wild card entries for consecutive events. In a regulation change, this restriction will be removed for those manufacturers who benefit from concessions.

Such manufacturers are permitted a maximum of six wildcard entries and scheduling applications for events that are not consecutive has proved difficult, particularly when some riders are also committed to other Championships like MotoE.