MotoGP bosses tighten electronic, aero rules for 2019

Picture: Gold&Goose

MotoGP bosses have tightened the electronic rules for the 2019 season with changes made to the way the control ECU communicates with inertial platforms via a more robust CAN connection layout.

There are also tighter rules in the area of addition and removal of aero parts across different designs.

The FIM statement, written in the usual clear-as-concrete style, reads:

To facilitate stricter enforcement of the spirit of existing regulations in two crucial technical areas, the following has been confirmed:

Organizer CAN Protocol and Connection

A new and more robust unified CAN connections layout for the MotoGP machines has been agreed, and some limitations imposed on the information exchange among the various CAN devices (e.g. the inertial platform) and the ECU. This, together with a unified inertial platform, represents a considerable step-up in electronics security.

Aero-Body Regulations:

Aero-body design guidelines have been released by the Technical Director and new aero-body dimension limits and limitations on the combination of different areo-body parts have been introduced. As a result, the present designs will still be allowed, but it won’t be possible to remove/swap significant aerodynamic parts. Furthermore, the aero-bodies approval process will be based on previous seasons case-history and made more objective.

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