MotoGP bosses to further tighten aero rules in 2020

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More aero than a Cadbury's factory
More aero than a Cadbury's factory

MotoGP bosses have this morning announced that aerodynamic rules will be tightened for the 2020 season to eliminate ‘grey areas’ such as Ducati’s ‘tyre cooling’ device.

It is believed the series’ technical director Danny Aldridge will be taking a look at all areas of the bikes, not just the fairing as in previous years, and devices such as the tyre cooler, disc wheels and the like will all be under the microscope.

A missive from the FIM reads: “The new regulations address the “grey areas” of the previous regulations and also include, where appropriate, specific sections of the “Technical Director Aero Body Guidelines”.

The full set of regulations hasn’t yet been made available but teams now have to get their applications in before the opening round of next season in order for them to be evaluated.