MotoGP bosses working on plans for a British Talent Cup in 2018

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John McPhee will run in the newly-created British Talent team this year
John McPhee will run in the newly-created British Talent team this year Picture: Bonnie Lane

MotoGP owners Dorna are working on plans to set up a British Talent Cup in an effort to get more riders out of the domestic series and into Moto3 and Moto2 on the world stage.

The firm already has the Red Bull Rookies, CEV Junior World Championship and Asia Talent Cup to develop the best rider talent, but Alberto Puig thinks there should be one in Britain as well.

“There’s an idea to start to investigate and research the possibilities of expanding racing in the UK. We will probably try and make some sort of selection program this year, and the target will be to try and create some sort of British Talent Cup in the next year,” said the Spaniard.

Steps have already been taken with the formation of the British Talent team which will serve Scotsman John McPhee this year but Puig wants to take it further.

If we want to expand motorcycle racing in England, we have to create a cup where kids can come and race. Like we did in Asia and Spain – but also they must have some sort of target; a team where they can go and race. So a team will start this year, to be a reference for these kids, with John McPhee.

“From then, we’ll see how things go. Normally when we start a project we don’t know where we’ll get to – but we know where we’ll start. If we can replicate the success of the Asia Talent Cup riders then we’ll be happy, but at the moment it’s difficult to say.”

Jeremy McWilliams is in the frame to take up the reigns in an ambassadorial role to help coach youngsters.

“Our idea is to have someone who represents or takes care of the riders – and we were thinking about Jeremy McWilliams. He can help us a lot to develop not just this team, but the future racing, and scouting of kids in England. The racing tradition is there, you just have to go and find it,” Puig continued.

“If a country has been strong at something before, it’s hard to believe it’s over for them. What makes this sport important is the racing itself. If we have good riders, we’ll have the sport we have. The biggest thing that motorcycle racing has is the thrill, the excitement and brutality of the sport – and that’s what we need to remember.”