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MotoGP Brno: Marquez has no respect for other riders – Rins

Factory Ecstar Suzuki MotoGP rider Alex Rins didn’t hold back on World Championship leader Marc Marquez, stating the Honda man ‘has no respect for other riders’ after the pair clashed in MotoGP qualifying.

Marquez stormed to a spectacular pole position in the mixed conditions, whilst Rins had to settle for sixth place. However, earlier in the session, Rins and Marquez had a coming together.

Through turn five, Marquez ran wide, allowing Jack Miller through. Marquez then came back to the racing line, before Rins forcibly went past through turn seven. Marquez then rode close behind his compatriot, before the two pitted together, exchanging glanced, before Marquez ever so slighted pushed Rins, to stop him from forcing the Honda man into the tyre wall.

Rins wasn’t impressed with Marquez’ behaviour, going in hard on the 26-year-old.

“He is now one step ahead of everybody, he put the slick tyre on and he was super-fast,” said the Suzuki man.

“But I think he has no respect for the other riders. He is riding on his way.

“On turn five, he went a bit wide, and behind him was Miller and me. When we went wide, he looked behind and he saw Jack and me. Jack passed him, but he went into the line.

“He disturbed me. I was pushing, I was not super fast, but I was pushing, so on the next left corner I tried to do my line, he opened a bit the door, I go in. I touch him but I think it’s his fault, if he is riding slow, he needs to open the door and that’s it.

“Then on the last corner he brake super hard to overtake me. Entering the box, what happened was I was in front of him and I go straight, and he has no space to go by my side. If I was him, I’m cutting the gas, and it’s into boxes.”

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