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MotoGP Brno: Nakagami playing hardball with HRC

Picture: Red Bull

Taka Nakagami hasn’t signed a new deal with Honda for the 2020 MotoGP season because he wants the same level of equipment as LCR team-mate Cal Crutchlow.

The Japanese star, who is still riding injured at Brno, believes the level of competition is now so high in the blue riband class, nothing but the very latest available specification of RC213V will do.

Currently, Nakagami is on last year’s bike with Crutchlow on a spec in between that and the bike the Marquez is riding - which has a new frame the other two have not been able to test yet due to Lorenzo bending them all.

“I am pushing for, not a complete factory bike, but at least to have the same situation as Cal,” said Nakagami at Brno.

“Still there is time. Let’s see, maybe a couple of weeks. But very soon I think. For sure I will fight until the last moment.

“Most of the riders have factory bikes. I don’t say that the previous bike is bad, but most of the bikes are growing up and improving a lot.

“Now you can see only one second in 15 or 16 riders, so one tenth or two tenths is five or six positions. I understand HRC, but I am pushing my opinion.”

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