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MotoGP Brno test: Crutchlow finally gets Marquez-spec chassis

Britain’s Cal Crutchlow had the pick of three Honda RC213V chassis in yesterday’s Brno MotoGP test but ended up doing most of his laps on the bike he has been riding all year.

Crutchlow had access to his own bike, a carbon-braced Marquez-spec frame and another version which had other ‘test items’ bolted to it.

“I had my standard racebike which I have been using this year and I had one reinforced chassis, and the other one has some test items on the bike,” said Crutchlow, speaking at the track.

“In the end, I am doing most of my work on the standard bike I have been racing all year. The feeling is obviously different with all three bikes with the parts we are testing. We have to give credit to Honda as they are working very hard to imprpve our feeling with the bike.

“This is the first time I have used this braced chassis. There are some positives and negatives to it but I feel more comfortable with my standard one - but we haven’t changed any settings with it.”

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