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MotoGP Brno: Used tyre work essential for Marquez

MotoGP World Championship leader Marc Marquez said that the work he did on used tyres could be pivotal come Sunday’s Czech Grand Prix at Brno.

Ending the opening day of free practice second fastest, just 0.023 seconds behind Fabio Quartararo, however the Spaniard worked extensively on used tyres to try and work out the best compound for Sunday’s race.

“The rear tyre drops significantly, so it’s even more important to work with used tyres to understand,” said the 26-year-old.

“The front tyre was too soft last year, in all its compounds. This year, Michelin has worked and I’m getting on well with the hard, less so with the medium.”

As well as working on tyres, Marquez also continued to work on the two frames HRC continues to bring for him. Marquez said that he is leaning towards using the old frame, but there wasn’t much in the two frames, with each of them having their own benefits.

“The situation isn’t bad, though it was difficult to understand our pace today, as I tried two different frames with positives results,” he said.

“The positive thing was, for me to feel the same sensations as I did through the first part of the season, and I did that.”

“We carried out this test as tomorrow it might rain. I set my best time with the new frame, but the old one has many positives, and we don’t need to work on it like we do the new one, which we’ll focus on come Monday.

“Seeing as the current situation is good, it’s best to stick with the current frame.”

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