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MotoGP Buriram: Dovizioso ‘consistent’ but struggling to finish turns

Ducati’s Andrea Dovizioso finished today’s MotoGP free practices at Buriram six-tenths off the pace and says although he is happy enough to be in the front group, the GP19 is again refusing to finish corners as he would like.

Like Aragon, the team changed base setup again in order to try and find some answers, and succeeded but the last part of the turn is still a mystery and where Dovizioso is losing time to the Yamahas.

“I’m quite happy because I was very consistent. I was not the fastest, but we are in the group. Unfortunately Marc is a bit faster but not that far like Aragon. We will see,” said Dovizioso, speaking at the track.

“I think we are in a good situation but still we have to continue improving because today we tried a different set-up and it worked, like in Aragon. We are happy about that. But I’m not happy 100 per cent about the last part of the corner. I couldn’t finish the corner in a fast way.

“I’m able to brake and enter really competitive but not 100 per cent. We will see tomorrow if we work in the dry and that will affect the consistency of the race for everybody. I’m happy; it doesn’t mean we are there but we have a chance for sure.”

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