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MotoGP Catalunya: Technical issue holds Marquez back

Reigning MotoGP World Championship leader Marc Marquez revealed that a technical issue in the afternoon held him back, as he ended the afternoon session in seventeenth position at the Circuit de Catalunya, just outside Barcelona.

After topping the morning session, the Spaniard found himself in an unfamiliar position falling down the timing sheets. As times dropped and Marquez completed more laps, he couldn’t do what he often does and fire himself into the top three.

Despite his lowly FP2 position, the work done in FP1 leaves Marquez ninth fastest in the combined times and currently directly in Q2.

“There was some issues and then it takes times to fix the problem and of course it’s something I don’t like but you need to understand,” explained the World Champion.

”[Crew chief] Santi [Hernandez] was speaking with me because I was getting more and more nervous and he knows me, when I get nervous is when I go out on the track and then the fairings go down. But I was just calm.

“The problem is fixed, it was just a new part, there was something strange there but not any mechanical problem, it was more from the manufacturer.”

Whilst not able to do a late lap to put himself in the top ten, Marquez’ issue could almost have been a blessing in disguise. The Spaniard revealed he wanted to change his approach to the weekend, to gain more knowledge about the Michelin tyres.

“In Mugello I didn’t work like I want and I focussed too much on the hard-hard and then after the race I realised that maybe a different tyre was better,” he said.

“So for that reason, I changed the strategy. When everybody was with the soft front in the morning I was with the medium. Then when everybody was with the medium in the afternoon, I was with the soft.

“So it’s time to understand and basically we change the strategy because of the allocation of the tyres, to get more information, and not for any other reason.”

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