MotoGP development frozen during coronavirus period

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Picture: GeeBee Images

All MotoGP teams bar the concession outfits have until Wednesday to get their final technical changes in place before a freeze on development shuts them down.

MotoGP technical chief Danny Aldridge has reportedly mirrored F1 and told all non-concession teams they cannot do any more work on their 2020 machinery while the coronavirus pandemic continues to halt competition.

Only KTM and Aprilia will be able to continue their engine development until the first round - whenever that might be - but must cease aero work.

The freeze will prevent the Japanese factories, that are currently still open, gaining an advantage over Ducati, KTM and Aprilia that are currently all shut because of coronavirus.

KTM and Aprilia will be allowed to carry on with their engine work when their respective operations re-open.

It is thought that all current designs will be sent to Aldridge’s office and then they will be checked against whatever rocks up at the next round.