MotoGP Germany: Lorenzo bemoans lack of rear grip

Picture: Gold&Goose

Jorge Lorenzo has bemoaned a lack of rear grip as he went from leading todays German MotoGP to finishing in sixth position at the Sachsenring.

The Spaniard took the wholeshot off the line and led the majority of the first half of the 30-lap race before he lost rear grip and ultimately meant his Ducati was close to impossible to stop.

Lorenzo revealed that he and his team worked so hard to try and improve feeling with the front of his GP18 that it came at a cost, which was ultimately a lack of grip from the rear.

“It’s a pity because we have been very competitive when I have rear grip, but unfortunately during all the weekend we have tried to improve the front grip and means we lost grip on the rear,” said the Spaniard.

“We have been trying to improve this lack of front grip we have normally with the Ducati, but we went too much in that direction and especially in the second part of the race it was very bad when the rear tyre started to drop.

“I started losing a second off the pace and that’s when everyone started to overtake me and I lost a lot of positions.”

Lorenzo was quick to point out that he believed it was a setup issue and he wasn’t trying to blame his tyre or anyone else for his lack of rear end grip.

“I think we made a mistake on the setting so next race we are going to try to not make the same mistake,” he said.

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