MotoGP Jerez: Gibernau ‘played dirty’ says Rossi

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Rossi said he would be giving Marquez less kisses now
Rossi said he would be giving Marquez less kisses now Picture: Tony Goldsmith

Valentino Rossi has spoken about the various fallings out he has had with MotoGP rivals down the years and explained that he and Max Biaggi never saw eye to eye, and what happened between himself and Sete Gibernau.

Rossi was penalised at the 2004 Qatar GP for what race direction saw as grid cleaning and Rossi blamed Gibernau for initiating a protest which came from Honda and Ducati. However, he says the clash between himself and Marc Marquez in Argentina hasn’t altered anything.

“Every story was a little bit different. With Biaggi, we never had a great relationship so more or less it remained the same. With Sete, we were good friends but our relationship became a lot more difficult after the Grand Prix of Qatar because I think he played a dirty game,” said Rossi, speaking at Jerez.

“I had to start from the last position, I crash and have a problem also with my finger and lose a lot of points, so from that moment, it was a little bit more difficult.

“But first of all with Sete we are a long time friends. Now when you are in the track, everyone try at the maximum, try to arrive in front but have always respect and good relationship outside.”

When asked about the Argentina crash, both Rossi and Marquez said it hadn’t changed their relationship and that is was just a racing incident.

“We didn’t talk but we already understand what happened in Argentina and now this is another race. It is not necessary to talk about it. Is what you see on the camera, when Valentino changed direction, I didn’t expect but sometimes it happens,” said the world champion.

Rossi added: “I will give him less kisses now. I am agree. It was a hard momeht. It was big pressure for both, we touch, Marc take my swingarm and he crash. It is just this.”

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