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MotoGP Jerez: Marquez tight-lipped on Austin crash cause

Reigning MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez revealed that his Repsol Honda team have worked out why he crashed out of a 3.6s lead at the Austin MotoGP round and then proceeded not to tell anyone what it was.

The Spaniard said there was a ‘small problem’ with the bike since Argentina and that is what eventually did for him in the race, although he maintained that it was his fault as he was the one who fell off.

All of the models reportedly went back to HRC in Japan for analysis in between the Texas race and this weekend’s Jerez round.

“The most important thing for myself is we understand with the team why I crash,” said Marquez, speaking at Jerez.

Because I was riding in a really good way, I had a very good confidence with the bike and was difficult to understand, but then after we analysed many many things, we understand.

“Of course in the end it’s my fault because I crashed. But during the weekend in Austin I say that ‘we have a small problem, we need to fix’, and this small problem was there on the race.

“And it’s a race track where we have these first-gear corners really strange, and was the first time in the championship that we had this kind of corners, and we had a problem.

“After we deeply analysed with my team, we understand that the crash was coming from something. I cannot say what but was coming from something that I didn’t expect because it was not every lap – was some lap yes, some lap not.”

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