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MotoGP Jerez: Resurfacing work means expanded tyre allocation

Picture: Michelin

MotoGP spec-tyre supplier Michelin will take a larger-than-usual allocation of hoops to this weekend’s Jerez round following another round of resurfacing at the Andalucian track.

The track circuit has undergone massive repair work during the closed- season to fix the issues with the asphalt following last year’s resurfacing.

Substantial parts of the track have again been resurfaced and this will give another aspect in the preparations for the 25-lap race for all concerned.

Michelin has been kept involved in the operations that have been carried out on the 4423m circuit, but due to the nature of the MotoGP calendar it has had no chance to test the new surface, so the French company will be bringing a larger allocation of tyres to Jerez than is usually made available to the teams.

“This weekend is another big test for us and has echoes of our return to MotoGP in 2016. Then we were going to many tracks where we had no data and this weekend is similar as the track has had a lot of resurfacing since we tested there last November,” said Michelin chief Piero Taramasso.

Because of this we are permitted by the regulations to take four front and four rear specifications of slick tyre, so we have selected a range we believe will be ideally matched to the circuit’s asphalt from the information we have from last year and have received from the company that has done the work, and from the circuit.

“We are confident we have the right compounds for the new surface and are looking forward to racing in Europe after a hectic start to the season with the two fly-away tests and three fly-away races.”

This weekend’s selection will feature four front and four rear Michelin Power Slick tyres, designed to give as much choice for the teams and riders to get the optimum performance from the bikes on the asphalt.

The front range will be available in soft, medium and two hard compounds, all in a symmetric design, with the same mixture available for the rear, but this time featuring an asymmetric finish with a harder right-hand-side to cope with the eight right turns which give extra demands to the tyre, compared to just five left corners.

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