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MotoGP Jerez test: Marquez’ best time set on carbonised RCV

Reigning MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez set his best laptime in yesterday’s Jerez test on the RC213V mule that Stefan Bradl raced on Sunday.

The test RCV has a raft of different parts attached to it but the most notable is a carbon-wrapped frame which enabled Bradl to bag tenth place in the race - finishing some six seconds ahead of Jorge Lorenzo.

“I did my best lap time with Bradl’s bike,” said Marquez, speaking at the track. “I did one run with used tyres and another run with new tyres. It was positive because we understand many things and it was just to give the first comments to HRC.”

Marquez was not giving away much about what was different on the bike that could not be seen with the naked eye but did admit plenty of work was happening with engine braking and getting into corners better.

Some positives, some negatives. But my comments were exactly the same as Bradl’s comments. This is the most important because he will keep testing and trying new items and it’s important that you have the same comments and feeling as the test rider.

“On my current bike I was working a lot on corner entry. In that area of the engine brake, that is where we had more problems during the first three races.

“Here we, I said already, we improved a lot. But still they were some weak points, so we worked there. We found something that was interesting and then just other concept things for the future.”

We working a little bit on the front confidence of course and, yeah, you gain some things and lose some other things. Racing is always a compromise. The perfect bike doesn’t exist, so we just tried to find the best compromise.”

Marquez didn’t ride right until the end of the day and his laptime of 1’37.260 was slowly pushed down by riders going for a time attack on soft tyres.

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