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MotoGP Le Mans: Michelin ‘new tech’ tyres should see laptimes tumble

MotoGP spec-tyre supplier Michelin will bring tyres made using ‘new technology’ to this weekend’s Le Mans round and the French firm expects laptimes to tumble.

The Michelin Power Slick range of tyres for the medium-severity surface will be soft, medium and hard compounds for the front and rear, with the rear versions featuring an asymmetric design with a harder right-hand-side to contend with the extra corners that go in that direction.

The front hard will be the new compound that was added to the allocation at the start of the season, while the rears will have the new technology compound which was tested in the pre-season and then included in this year’s range.

“This weekend is one the most important events for us on the calendar. It is our home race so we have the support of the French fans with us and also we have a huge presence from Michelin that come to the race, so we know we have a lot of people that want us to do well, meaning it is imperative that we give them a good show,” said Michelin head cheese Piero Taramasso.

The Le Mans circuit is one where we have many records and also one which we use a reference because the asphalt is so good since it was resurfaced, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be looking to improve.

“We have new compounds in the range that were added after the tests at the start of the year and these will certainly help the riders to improve their performances – as happened at Jerez last time out – and add to what promises to be another great event.”

The Bugatti ccircuit is very tight and features many lower gear corners which will require good stability from the front Michelin tyres under braking, allied to hard acceleration and traction from the rear tyres, so the allocation for this event has been specifically chosen to meet these requirements.

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