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MotoGP Misano: Lorenzo targets finishing gap of 30 seconds

Such is the mental and physical state of former MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo, he has targeted a gap of half a minute to the winner when he crosses the line at Aragon on Sunday.

The Repsol Honda man was 47s slower than team-mate and victor Marc Marquez at Misano yesterday afternoon and admitted the result was terrible.

“It was worse than we expected. Hopefully we can be closer to 30 seconds, ” said Lorenzo in Italy.

“Well the positive is the distance from the fastest. We went from one second to two seconds depending on the practice. In some sessions we were closer. In others not so much.

In Silverstone I expected much less than I got in the race. Here was the opposite. I expected to be finish closer to the win, 30 seconds as the best and 40 seconds as the worst.

“But I finished 47 seconds. It was worse than I expected but in general the feelings were better physically than Silverstone and I was closer to the middle of the grid and closer to the fastest.

“We are going to try and make another step in Aragon just in four days. But especially I want to arrive stronger for the Asian tour.”

Another positive for the Spaniard is he ended the weekend in less pain than he did at Silverstone.

“After the Silverstone race I was in pain. It was very painful to even to walk. Now I am in pain but better than three weeks ago. On the bike I could push more,” he said.

Unfortunately with this lack of grip after Moto2, this heat, I struggled to stop the bike a lot. I don’t know if I made the right choice with the tyres. I chose them because I had a better feeling with them but in the race it was really difficult to stop.

“It took a lot of energy and the bike didn’t stop. I had to brake before than in practice. I couldn’t get the pace that I wanted. I wanted to be in the high 1’38s. But I never reached that. It was getting worse, worse and worse. Those in front of me were getting away.

“So 47 seconds, more than I expected but less than in Silverstone. So hopefully in Aragon we can be closer to these 30 seconds that is my goal before pushing more my physical condition.”

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