MotoGP Motegi: ‘Completely new bike for Valencia test’ - Dall’Igna

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Ducati’s MotoGP technical chief Gigi Dall’Igna has revealed there will be a ‘completely new’ Desmosedici at the Valencia test next month.

The Bologna firm will roll the bike out in order to get as much track time as possible ahead of the 2021 season and the engimatic Italian says corner speed is the main focus of the new machine.

Dall’Igna is says he is pleased with the steps made this year but says a lot of work has to be packed into the winter test time in order to be ready for 2020.

“I think we have improved the bike in different areas. The spoon, we were the first to develop this part, and now most manufacturers have a special device on the swingarm,” said Dall’Igna.

“For sure our riders make a lot of good starts this season. We start with this device last winter and honestly I am quite happy with this idea.

“I’m happy with the chassis development we have done this year. For sure it’s not enough but we did some steps in the right path.

“We have a completely new bike ready for the Valencia test. For sure, corner speed is one area where we have to move more than the others. We have to develop during the winter test which is not easy because we have not a lot of time so we have to make a good job.”