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MotoGP Mugello: Dovizioso remains unhappy with mid-corner speed

Factory Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso said that he was happy about today’s Italian MotoGP in Mugello, insisting he did the race he wanted, despite falling further behind Marc Marquez in the World Championship.

The Italian was involved in an epic battle with Ducati team-mate Danilo Petrucci as well as Marquez. The Italian ended up coming out third best, with his team-mate taking the win from Marquez.

Content with his podium, Dovizioso insisted he was happy with his podium, considering where he was at the beginning of the weekend.

“I’m really happy about the race. We did the race we wanted,” explained the Italian.

“We struggled a little bit during the weekend, but at the end the feeling came back yesterday and we worked in the right way for the race like most of the time, and in the race we are there.

“I did a perfect start, I put myself in the right position, I saved the tyre, and I rode in a really good way for the conditions. It was very difficult for everybody as the temperature was so high.

“I did a good strategy I think, I wanted to be first in the last lap from the first corner, but Danilo overtake us very aggressively. I had to pick up the bike and Marc closed the door and I had to close the throttle. I lose position and the grip was very low on the last lap to make something crazy.

“I tried to analyse and make some strategy but I couldn’t, then in the last corner, Rins almost overtake me. Bad for the championship, we lose some points, but overall the race was good.”

Despite not winning, Dovizioso was delighted to see his team-mate take his first win in MotoGP. Dovizioso has taken Petrucci under his wing in 2019, almost like a big brother, training with him as well as helping mentally. Whilst he doesn’t think this will make Ducati renew his contract today, he was delighted to see him win.

“The point is I’m really happy about Danilo,” he said.

“We worked together because I knew he had the potential. I told from the beginning of the season before Qatar in many interview he had the potential, but he had to learn some things and he learn it.

“I’m really happy for him and to win in Mugello is the best in our championship and this is good. I think this can affect his future and I am happy about that.

“I don’t think the contract will be decided soon. I think Ducati are in a situation where they can wait, so I don’t think they will decide now, but for sure, this race will affect a lot.”

Despite two Ducati’s being on the podium, Dovizioso said that Marquez being so close and battling with Ducati on a circuit in which he openly admitted he struggles at is alarming for Ducati.

“I am still not happy in the way we ride,” said Dovizioso. “If Marc is here in this race and battling with us, then this means in the middle of the corner we are too slow. In the acceleration for the layout of the track and in braking we are really good.

“But the only reason Marc can stay with us, as well as him being strong is, but in the middle of the corners he is faster than us. So he was able, with a worse tyre, to stay with us until the end.

“This is the best part of the championship because we have to improve something if we’re going to fight for the championship. We are there and we never give up until the end, but it’s not enough, we need something more.”

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